About US

RecEasy helps the finance teams in large companies to automatically show that every figure in their accounts is correct – automating the time-consuming compliance task related to account reconciliations, reviewing transactions and audit checks. 

It automatically gathers and analyses finance data from SAP and other sources and reviews its related backup transactions like PDFs, Reports, Screenshots, Excel Docs, Emails & Calculations using unique Text Analysis & Machine Learning Techniques.

In doing so the solution forms an automated reviewed reconciliation report and audit checks, enabling the company save time and costs, and allowing the financial controller and finance team to focus on other value added tasks.

RecEasy was spawned from the direct work experiences (and frustrations with the status quo way things are done!) of the company’s CEO/founder David Duignan. Prior to RecEasy he worked as an accountant for 10 years – 4 years in practice (3 with BDO Simpson Xavier) and nearly 5 years in Industry (Microsoft for 4 and Skype’s finance team for 1 working for Accenture). He then started his start-up journey with RecEasy supported by SAP and Enterprise Ireland while continuing to get experience in PWC in finance transformation (1 year) and leading the SAP COE for Applegreen for the last 2 years.

Reconciliations Completed Instantly

Ensuring figures in your accounts are correct ensuring compliance

Transactions Posted Efficiently

Finance data pulled from SAP allowing postings to be created and posted back to SAP automatically

Metrics and Reports

Overall summary of your reconciliations and transactions with the click of a button