RecEasy – SAP-Certified- Reconciliation Expert


What We Do

RecEasy is SAP Certified and currently on the SAP App Centre. The USP is how we extract and analyse SAP transactions validating them back to the source data like excel and other SAP data like idocs and table data. This USP allows us to automate finance tasks around month end such as automated rec report, variance analysis, transaction reviews instantly catching errors before books close, cleaning up accounts leading, audit checks, and automated clearing journals.

RecEasy helps the finance team in large companies to automatically show that every figure in their account is correct – automating the time consuming compliance task related to account reconciliations, reviewing transactions and audits check.

It automatically gathers and analyses finance data from SAP and other sources and review its related backup transactions like PDFs, Reports, Screenshots, Excel Docs, Email &  Calculations using unique Text Analysis &Machine Learning Techniques. In doing so the solutions forms an automated reviewed reconciliation reports and audits checks, enabling the company save time and costs, and allowing the finance controller and finance team to focus the other value added tasks.

RecEasy was spawned from the work experiences (and frustrations with the status quo way things are done!) of the company’s CEO/founder David Duignan. Prior to RecEasy  he worked an accountant for 10 years – 4 years in practice (3 with BDO Simpson Xavier) and nearly 5 years in industry (Microsoft for 4 and Skype’s finance team for 1 working  for Accenture). He then started his start-up journey with RecEasy supported by SAP and Enterprise Ireland while continuing to get experience in PWC in finance transformation (1 year) and setting up the SAP COE for Applegreen,  a Global Fuel and Food Retailer (2 years) and lately just completed the S4 Hana and Blackline implementation for a Global Pharma company (2 years).


Reconciliations Completed Instantly

Ensuring figures in your accounts are correct ensuring compliance

Transactions Posted Efficiently

Finance data pulled from SAP allowing postings to be created and posted back to SAP automatically

Metrics and Reports

Overall summary of your reconciliations and transactions with the click of a button

Manual Transaction Reviews

RecEasy can review this data, validate it is correct and summarize with an audit trail. Find the errors before the books close.

Variance Analysis

Pinpoints the reason for the variance to the accountants.

Online Management Accountant

Ensure costs hit when they expect to hit. Highlights new, missing, what needs clearing or re-accrual in every GL account after comparing each month’s data.

Rec Preparation

GL account analysis and clean-up and validating to the source backup allows RecEasy to complete the rec automatically.Clearing documents and matching to associated invoices/fee and Open Item matching GL accounts.

Banking and Receipt Analysis

I/C Analysis & Posting

Highlights missing and wrong amts and recommends corrective action.

GR IR Clearing and Analysis

S4 Hana can tell which GRs are different than the PO and invoice which leads to blocked invoices. We further analyse to find the exact issue and highlight issues


Vendor Recs, Vendor Payments matched and cleared to Invoices, Better reports for better supplier analysis. Pull information and Post back to SAP Automatically

Data Cleansing and Archiving

SAP clean up. Alot of unnecessary SAP data is now sitting in very expensive high Carbon Rams with big financial and environmental impacts. RecEasy cleans up all this data.